Talowood’s journey started in early 2018 in a little town in the beautiful Otway region in Victoria’s south west.

Being bought up in the bush, I have always had an appreciation for trees and the environment and had a dream of making an impact through business by assisting with finance to grow more vegetation and trees in Australia and around the world.

In poorer countries this creates jobs, business, farming, wildlife and more importantly food sources for the people that need it most.

At TALOWOOD our mission is to offer you the most unique, elegant and sustainable bamboo and wooden accessories that offer a real sense of individuality. They’re lightweight, timeless, down to earth and just a little bit cool.

Like human DNA, each quality hand crafted accessory is truly one of a kind, with no One piece of timber being the same; you truly have yourself a fashionable timepiece that compliments any look.

TALOWOOD’s natural wooden Watches and Sunglasses are made only with sustainable timber and 100% leather bands to ensure complete comfort.
A beautiful range of timbers including Bamboo, Teak, Ebony, Maple, Walnut and Zebrawood help create our beautifully constructed timeless pieces.

All our wood is personally selected by expert craftsmen to ensure the best quality for each and every product.

You can be confident that environmental care and sustainability is always assured for the creation of our accessories. We take full responsibility & respect the preservation of the environment during the process of all our products.

Talowood’s apparel and wooden accessories originated with a vision and passion to share my dream through a brand that sources its products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to a like minded audience willing to make change.

At Talowood we stand for our ethical values and source all our apparel and accessories in an environmentally way from Australia and around the world, with portion of our garments being 100% fair trade organic cotton.

All our products are produced to order, which ensures you the best quality product and reducing unnecessary waste in production.  

Buying TALOWOOD, your supporting a small business with a goal to contribute to tree planting foundations and planting a tree for each and every item sold, helping offset our carbon footprint and contributing to a healthier more sustainable Environment. You can be proud in wearing Talowood apparel and accessories, that you have contributed to the growth of a tree and start a movement to a better world.

Thanks again for your support.