Unravelling the Thread | The Story of Fairtrade Cotton

Have you ever wondered where your tee shirt came from and the impact to the planet it has made along the way?

By simply making the choice to buy Fairtrade Cotton, you can make a difference to the planet, your health and impact countless peoples lives that produce the clothing you wear?

'Unravelling the thread- The story of Fairtrade Cotton' explores where cotton comes from and some of the difficulties faced along the supply chain.

At Talowood, we have carefully hand picked our manufactures to maintain our sustainable business model, that minimizes our environmental footprint giving you the highest quality every time.

In our collections we have already introduced Organic Fairtrade Cotton and recycled polyester for our beanie and hat range.

Feel at ease when purchasing Talowood products, that are sustainable, eco friendly and offset a portion of your carbon footprint by planting a tree with every purchase.

Thankyou for your support,